In The Room EP


The debut EP from Isabella Coulstock 'In The Room' is here.

Track listing:

Who Do You Think You Are
Better Than That
Living In A Country Song
Bonus Track: Westerly Winds

*This is the gatefold full lyric edition*

Reflecting on ‘In The Room’, Isabella says, “When I was planning the EP, my thought process was to give the audience something to take home with them from a show, something that captured the essence of the live performance they had just been a part of, something they could re-live time and time again. I am really pleased with the songs and I think they work well stripped back and, with the ‘live studio vocal’ being at the forefront, I wanted the listener to feel ‘In The Room’”. Isabella adds, “The last track, ‘Westerly Winds’, was written during the making of this EP and has a special place in my heart so it only felt right that I should include it here”.
All five songs including a bonus track written by Isabella, two of which are co-writes with Chaz Jankel (Ian Dury & The Blockheads) and Mark Flanagan (Jools Holland).